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A loving farm school environment for children aged 3-6 years

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Our Farm – A place like no other for your child

At Myrtle Farm, children build empathy and learn to care for themselves, others, and their environment. Our goal is to help students build healthy self-confidence, self-discipline and develop a curiosity and love of learning that will prepare them for whatever their life’s purpose becomes.


The Farm Environment

Our outdoor environment is a unique place where children learn and are inspired by the natural world’s rhythms and wonders. When the school year begins in August, the children help harvest the last of our summer crops from the vegetable garden. As fall sets in, we gather apples from the trees and prepare applesauce for our snacks. In Fall, we watch the leaves change color, then drop, and observe as our horse, rabbits, and goats grow their thicker coats in preparation for winter. Cool-weather crops are then set out, compost turned, and the soil prepared for spring planting. Spring itself is a riot of activity as the orchard trees unfold their new leaves, the chickens begin laying again, and the buzz of busy insects signal pollination has begun again.


The Classroom Environment

Flooded with natural light, the spacious classroom features low shelves where children can choose from hundreds of individual and small group activities. A second, smaller room serves as a place for music classes, naps, and supplemental play activities. A one-way observation window allows parents to watch the class in progress whenever they wish. (Learn about our programs and curriculum here).


Life at myrtle farm


4976 Myrtle Drive
Concord, CA 94521

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M-F: 8am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

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What Parents are Saying

“My daughter, Grace, and my son, Parker spent three wonderful years thriving at Myrtle Farm Montessori School. My husband and I were so impressed with the amazing teachers and the beautiful environment. The staff works incredibly hard to create an excellent educational experience, while also giving the children opportunities to work outside and be caretakers of the earth. Our children loved to go to school every day and adored their teachers. We are so grateful to have found Myrtle Farm and we would highly recommend it to other families.”

Raechel O.

Concord, CA

“Our experience at Myrtle Farm was amazing. The educational experience our child had prepared her more than we could ever expect for grade school. Helping with socialization, hands on experiences with the animals and farm, and the support for parents was more than we had expected. We miss Myrtle Farm teachers and friends deeply and hope that anyone seeking a full preschool Montessori experience would send their child there! “


Garcia Family

 There’s so much to love about the school! We loved that the teachers and staff presented jobs to her in a carefully-planned progression that helped her master the prerequisite skills necessary for her to begin reading, writing, and doing arithmetic in preschool. She loved spending time outside in the garden and caring for the school’s animals and snacking on fruits and vegetables from the garden with her classmates.  We loved that Myrtle Farm’s Montessori curriculum includes peacemaking, kindness, inclusion, and an appreciation for the natural world. Our only regret is not enrolling our daughter earlier!


Ichiroku Family

“We were so thrilled that Myrtle Farm offered outdoor learning activities. Our son’s outside day was his favorite day of the week. He really enjoys helping in the garden and caring for the animals. It is so great to have such an enriched environment that includes an outdoor classroom.”

Christina L.,

Concord, CA

“It is impossible to capture the essence and emotion of Myrtle Farm with words. It truly is a magical place that inspires, instructs and develops the whole child.”

Camille M.,

Pittsburg, CA

“I looked for months and months trying to find a school that I felt thrilled about. The moment I walked into Myrtle Farm, I knew this was the school for my kids. The environmental and peace education, the farm animals and most of all the amazing teachers–I felt like I had found a hidden treasure! My daughter loves going to Myrtle Farm and I am so happy to have her be in such a great environment!”

Michelle R.,

Concord, CA

We feel very lucky to be a part of Myrtle Farm. Students are at the center of the program and we have seen our daughter develop in many areas, especially her love of learning. Teachers are excellently trained, bring a lot of experience both as teachers and parents, and are very supportive. The farm aspect is a fun experience for the children. We also appreciate that it is a traditional Montessori school.

Alicia and Joe



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Location: 4976 Myrtle Drive Concord, CA 94521

Telephone: 925.356.2482


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 4pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

The school has a non-discriminatory admission policy for children who are approximately 3 to 6 years of age. Parents of prospective students are asked to make an appointment to observe the school and meet with the director. After observing the program, parents are welcome to fill out an application form. Siblings of currently enrolled students receive priority. Other applications are dated and filed and children are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Children with special needs will be considered on an individual basis and may be admitted should it appear that they could benefit from our program.